Rockford Reachout is Christian ministry organization that is made up of three distinct but interconnected ministry programs:

These three programs, all working together, prepare at-risk adults and youth for productive, crime-free life after incarceration.


I hit bottom. Now I was facing 10 years in prison. Chaplain Dave with Rockford Reachout came to visit me.
I believed in God, but I knew He gave up on me a long time ago.
Chaplain Dave told be that God didn't give up on me; I gave up on Him.
So, we prayed together, and I asked God to come into my life. 

I spent nearly 4 years in prison, but now I am home. I have a good job, a wife and 3 great kids.
I thank God every day for my second chance, and I thank God for sending me Chaplain Dave. -Damarcus J.